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October 15, 2010 / Matt Gerardi

New York Times Updates iPad App

The New York Times has updated their iPad app to have close to content parity with their website. The expanded version of the app, which remains free for now, includes the addition of breaking news, access to 25 news sections, more than 50 blogs and video and multimedia content (paidContent).

Previously the only available New York Times app was named “Editor’s Choice” and provided access to only a handful of content found on the Times’ website.

The app will remain free until early next year when the paywall kicks in. The price of subscription is not yet announced, but it is likely the Times will offer a monthly and yearly subscription rate.

Once the paywall becomes active, unregistered users will still be able to access the iPad app where they can view the most popular stories, the business section and video content. The rest of the app’s offerings will be locked away behind the wall.

The newly updated app also offers push notifications — an alert that will pop up even when using a different application — for breaking news.

The New York Times iPhone app will be going through a similar process when the paywall begins. No longer will users be able to access all sections of the Times’ content for free on their iPhone.

According to Denise Warren, the chief advertising officer for the New York Times media group, advertising on the apps is remaining unaffected. “We have three advertisers lined up for the launch and we’re completely sold out for the rest of the year,” Warren said (paidContent).

It’s not yet obvious what the Times is shooting for with its digital subscription plans. From the sound of that paidContent article it seems like they are looking to charge you for each device: PC, mobile phone, tablet.

It would be smart to offer three subscription plans. The first would cover PC only. The second mobile only, including smartphones and tablets. The third could be an all digital subscription giving users the ability to access all of the Times’ digital content from any of their devices.

We’ll find out what the Times plans to do in the coming months as we inch closer to the launch of their paywall.

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