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October 24, 2010 / Matt Gerardi

Major Networks Refuse to Play Nice With Google TV

All but one of the major networks, FOX, are refusing to allow streaming video content from their websites to be watched on the recently launched Google TV service. It is possible to access the sites and even the video pages, but the videos have been blocked from streaming to televisions via Google TV.

FOX is currently allowing its content to be streamed, but a spokesperson reported that “a firm decision has not yet been reached.” Hulu is also blocking  its video content, but Google is reportedly hard at work to make a deal to allow streaming through Google TV as part of the Hulu Plus subscription service, which also allows streaming via video game consoles, iPhone and iPad.

This restriction of content streaming to televisions is not new. Hulu, which is owned and operated by ABC, NBC and FOX, blocked viewing of its content via TV based web browsers built into devices such as the Sony Playstation 3 until the launch of the Hulu Plus service.

It may seem odd that content providers are determining who does and doesn’t get to watch their videos based on the screen which they’re being displayed on — sitting in front of a computer monitor, that’s fine, but on your couch, staring at your television, is no good– but they have a right to withhold their content between the different mediums.

This is a major blow for Google TV which some see as poised to lead the charge into a new future of media consumption; a future without cable providers. Without the support of the major networks, that plan is in question.


Wall Street Journal


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  1. lew247 / Oct 26 2010 12:46 pm

    Excellent post. It looks like Google has some major hurdles to overcome.

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