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December 12, 2010 / Matt Gerardi

News Corp. COO Posturing Fox News Channel Next to ESPN, Looking for Big Bucks From Cable Companies

News Corp. COO Chase Carey referred to the Fox News Channel as a “must-carry” for cable companies, likening it to ESPN, at the UBS Media and Communications Conference on Wednesday. (TVNewser)

Fox News is entering a new round of fee negotiations with cable providers and is pointing to its ample audience share as reason for a massive bump in carriage fees.

“I would say it is right up there with ESPN in terms of being as important a channel that exists out there,” Carey said. ESPN is currently the holder of the top carriage fee in cable, taking in $4 per subscriber per month from each cable provider that carries the sports entertainment channel.

It is believed that Fox News is looking for $1.25 per subscriber per month. This would be more than double its current rate which is believed to be $.58. (TVNewser)

There are not many non-sports channels that manage to break the $1 carriage fee rate. TNT pulls in an average of $.99 and The Disney Channel is believed to have some fees over $1.

As for Fox News’ competitors CNN, which is sold as a package with HLN, gets $.51 and MSNBC only takes in $.16. (TVNewser)

The Fox News Channel is the ratings leader in cable news, frequently pulling in more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined. By those standards the hike in carriage fees seems warranted. (Zap2It)

It will be interesting to see how cable companies respond to this large of a fee increase. It is very possible that News Corp. will have another messy, public battle on their hands similar to the fight the stirred up with Cablevision this past fall.


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